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Who doesn't like free stuff?!?!

Our sponsors and exhibitors are generously donating door prizes for attendees of the Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo.

Grand Prize

Stay tuned for grand prize details!

Door Prizes 

More updates coming!

2x Gift Certificates to Trail Blazer Survival School and Adventures Basic Survival Course

10x Mini Garden Seed Kits from White Harvest Seed Co.

42x Sales of Cera Sport, Ceralyte, EX1 from Cera Products Inc

2x T-shirts from Cera Products Inc

Solar Flashlight from Hybrid Light/RJK Enterprises

Massaging Insole set from Massaging Insoles/RJK Enterprises

Rain Barrel from Volunteer Drum

Table Top Mushroom Grow Kit from 2 Angels Mushroom Farm

The MAASH Survival Tool from Jackyl Survival $150.00 Value!

3x THE Mother of All Survival Kits from THEMoask.com

Fatwood Handle Ferro Rod, one time fire, carbiner, moral patch, white birch, fatwood w/ jute twine from 4 Directions Bushcraft

Taste of Thrive Intro Kit - Loretta Offutt - Thrive Life Consultant

10x Freeze Dried Raspberry Muffin Mix Loretta Offutt - Thrive Life Consultant

2x T-shirts from Survival Pride

2x Hats from Survival Pride

Compass - Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo

Survival Playing Cards - Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo

Jute Twine - Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo

Nomad Survival Bow from Xpectre, Inc