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Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit at Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo?

  1. ·         Present your products face to face
  2. ·         Direct interaction with your target demographic
  3. ·         Practice your sales pitch
  4. ·         Explore pricing points
  5. ·         Network: new products – services – relationships – avenues for expansion
  6. ·         Generate Leads
  7. ·         Feedback – likes & dislikes
  8. ·         Development
  9. ·         Move idle inventory
  10. ·         Generate Cash Flow
  11. ·         Build your brand – increase awareness
  12. ·         Survey Market Awareness
  13. ·         Generate publicity
  14. ·         Launch new products
  15. ·         Keep up with industry trends
  16. ·         Build a database
  17. ·         Gain experience
  18. ·         Efficient use of time
  19. ·         Focused & isolated Sales leads

Few marketing methods result in a measurable return on investment.  Interactions, booth visits, participation, contacts, leads, sales and networking are all measurable results.

3 stages of a sale: Attention – Interest - Desire

Consumers want: answers – solutions – resolutions – feelings – opportunity - benefits

Your booth is an investment; view it as such. 

2 or more booths increases exposure time – allows more opportunity to grab their attention; invite them in!

Invite attendees into your booth – Greet them – Grab their attention/interest – Setup Early – Relax before opening to the public

Make a plan: Know yourself – your products – your customers

Have an elevator pitch: you have 15 seconds or less to break through.

Develop a budget: Fees to exhibit – promo items/giveaway – staff – display/banner

Set Goals: # of sales – referrals – get feedback – follow up!

Set aside time after the show to follow up!


·         Offer Expo Exclusive pricing!

·         Acknowledge every attendee; tell them who you are

·         Make eye contact, use new signs

·         Ask smart questions, assume they are your biggest customer

·         Adapt your pitch to whom you are speaking

·         Always have something in your hand

·         Deliver a memorable departure, stand out!

·         Make personal connections  

·         Be persistent, be positive: attitude is everything!

·         Network with other vendors




·         Make them wait or ignore them

·         Play on your phone or mobile device all day

·         Sit down, hide your identity

·         Waste time or make them guess

·         Leave early, be bashful or obnoxious

·         Interrupt or disrupt others

·         Make them beg for information or attention

·         Blend in…….


Promote your participation with media, on social media, with your email lists, etc!

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